Half a Million Trees for Kenyan Schools

Update 07/12/17 - Yay! UWTSD VR gaming event raises £340 for tree planting with Kenyan schools....

Update 17/11/17 -  2-Day VR gaming event at UWTSD Campus in Lampeter to raise funds for HMT4KS project....

Update 26/10/17 - Mums and kids muck in to continue potting up in Garishi nursery

Update 17/08/17 - Year 3 potting up gets underway at Garashi nursery - Target 133,000

Update 20/05/17 Year 2 seedling delivery fully underway

Update 10/05/17 - Latest project map (approx 50% sites shown)

Update 20/05/16
- Latest Half a Million Trees project video

Update 24/04/16 - Delivery of our first of 133,333 trees set to start next week as the rains have started in parts of Coastal Province. With term beginning, lots of kids like these from Ziwani High School will be busy planting for the next few weeks!

Update 18/02/16  - 133,333 trees now propagated in 3 participating nurseries. After a great project visit by Cat Jones from Hub Cymru Africa, we've identified a few teething problems but nothing we cant solve. Project mentioned on the floor of the Houses of Commons
by Stephen Doughty MP during a debate on East Africa and subsequently featured in a Cambrian News article here. Our unique HMT prize raffle, conducted in partnership with UWTSDSU is due for launch any day now and will give the winner 2 tickets on an Oasis Overland adventure trip to Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda plus £1,000 towards flight costs....

 Update 16/08/15  - We are delighted to announce that our proposal to plant a further 400,000 trees with 125 Coastal Province schools has now been fully funded by the Welsh Government's Wales Africa Partnership through their Hub Cymru Africa grant stream and Size of Wales. The project will run over 3 years and represents a considerable expansion of our recently completed Trees for Schools Programme. Once fully implemented it will bring the total number of trees planted with schools to 500,000 and the overall project total to around 700,000. We are proud to be collaborating with local  partners including the Kenyan Government Ministry of Education - District Education Office (Magarini), the Kenya Forest Service and Coast Women in Development to implement this ambitious plan to make a substantive difference both to the level of forest cover in Kenya and the amount of carbon in the atmosphere.

Info on the initial Trees for Schools programme below:

Funded entirely by Size of Wales and implemented in partnership with the Kenya Forest Service and the District Education Office of the Kenyan Government, Ministry of Education, this project aims to plant 104,000 trees with 52 Coast Province school during 2014/15

Kids from Kabiboni Primary School with some of their seedlings

Project update 24/10/14

50,000 trees planted
Nurseries established in 7 schools
29 schools currently participating

Trees for Schools  -  Project Reach 29/10/14