The CCL is a unique partnership that connects ordinary people
        in mid-Wales with the community of Bore in Kenya. We work
               with these resourceful farmers to help them conserve their              endangered forest - part of the planetary cooling system
that we call 'tropical forest'  

Learn about our Forest Centre project in Boré here
and watch our latest Forest Centre video here

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We all like to think of Wales as a 'green' country with a good record in

sustainability but the awkward reality is that we still have a pretty

large carbon footprint. The first country in the world to experience

the Industrial Revolution was not England as most people suppose.

It was in fact Wales. So we have a longer history of releasing CO2 than

any other nation and a disproportionately high contribution to the

problem of climate change.

The CCL helps ordinary people over here take more responsibility

for their carbon emissions by helping our partner community in

Bore adapt to the climatic impacts that our way of life has created.

 The Community Carbon Link is administered by Treeflights an entirely non-profit company, limited by guarantee and registered at Companies House - company number 6462199