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Kadii Boki takes Carbon Link Director, Ru Hartwell in hand for some advice on where his work needs improvement

Most people think that the Industrial Revolution first took expression in England but it turns out that Wales made the transition some 10 years earlier. As the world's 'First Industrialised Nation' we have been releasing CO2 longer than any other country and because CO2 is the most persistent of greenhouse gases, a lot of that carbon legacy is still active and warming in the atmosphere today.

Since 2008 Carbon Link has been helping ordinary people and businesses in Wales (and further afield) take more responsibility for our climatic impact by supporting carbon draw down initiatives with a partner community called Boré in Coast Province, Kenya. Most CO2 is released in temperate latitudes but one of the tragic ironies of climate change is that its impacts are visited more heavily at the poles and in the tropics. Poor sub-Saharan communities such as Boré are therefore having to deal every day with serious climatic disruption - something that they have absolutely no hand in creating.

Much research indicates that it is our tropical forests that do the serious work of cooling the planet so it makes sense all round for us here in the developed world to support carbon reforestation initiatives with our African partners. The 'Project History' tab gives an overview all our major work.

Carbon Link is administered by Treeflights Ltd, a non profit company limited by guarantee and all sponsorship monies are remitted in their entirety to the community in Kenya.

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