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After 4 years of planning and preparation, our Rotary Global Grant project to bring clean mains water to 5,000 people in Bore finally got underway this week. The Boré Community Water Improvement Scheme is a partnership initiative between Lampeter Rotary Club and Malindi Rotary Club and has a total budget of $45,000. We hope that the project will free the many women and girls in the community who daily face the arduous task of carrying home their entire domestic water requirements whilst reducing the prevalence of water borne diseases, particularly amongst the kids.

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We are delighted to announce that our Climate Shop initiative has now raised a total of over £50,000 to fund the planting of 1/4 million trees in the first 7 months of operation. The 2 shops had a combined turnover of £51,318.90 since our Lampeter shop opened, after Lockdown ended, in mid-April.


Big thanks to the hard work of the 65 volunteers and our 1700 supporters on Facebook that have made this incredible achievement possible, which we estimate has diverted around 25,000 household items from harmful landfill. 53,000 of these trees have been planted already and the balance are growing in the main community nursery now and should be planted next month, once the 'Little Rains' have come to this part of East Africa.


Work starts on Boré on the new 'Arsenal Forest'.

This significant new partnership project will see over 50 members of the community benefiting from employment on fencing, clearing scrub and planting 17,000 Neem seedlings, in addition to the propagation work created in the main nursery. The initiative comes at a critical time for Boré when the economic repercussions of the pandemic are making life very difficult for many families.

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Introducing our new Nursery Manager and Safeguarding Officer - Amina John.

(Position kindly funded by Size of Wales).



With support in the shape of a kind grant of £10,000 from the Welsh Government's, Wales and Africa Programme, our second Climate Shop was opened in Aberystwyth by the Mayor, Alun Williams on the 18th September. In the first 3 days of trading, with unbelievable support from the local community, this uniquely green department store raised over £5,000 to plant 25,000 trees in Kenya.


With massive support from those brilliant people over at Size of Wales, we've been able to increase the water storage capacity at our main community nursery. This will make the nursery much more 'climate resilient' and enable us to keep watering our seedlings during the critical propagation periods, even if the nearby seasonal river dries up and our mains water supply breaks down. From now on we are planting 1 million seedlings every year and those babies get pretty thirsty down at the Equator!

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Our Welsh Government funded 'Digital Inclusion Project' is now moving out from our Community Internet Hub at the Bore Community Forest Centre and into local schools.This way many more children can get to familiarise themselves with the Net.

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Climate Shop project featured on BBC Radio Wales.



Happy New Year to all our supporters and a big thanks to Size of Wales and the Welsh Government for funding our team of 60 women nursery workers to pot up another 1/4 of a million tropical forest seedlings. Asanté Sana and have a great '21!



The sign went up on the facade of our new 'Climate Shop' in Lampeter earlier today. We can't open yet because of the Lockdown restrictions but as soon as we can, we will and then we'll be able to perform a special kind of magic where we convert unwanted household junk into solid carbon fixed directly from the atmosphere. More info here at



In June of this year we received a grant from the Welsh Government's 'Covid-19 Emergency Response' stream to deliver 500 family packets of maize and vegetable seed. Luckily the weather has been on our side for a change - resulting in a bumper harvest. A critically important outcome for the community at this difficult time when the population has swelled enormously due to the return of family members from the coastal tourist resorts.

Here boys dry the harvested maize cobs and below one family process and then pound the dried maize into flour

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Work starts on the shower extension to the accommodation building at the Bore Community Forest Centre. We want to have the centre ready for guests once the pandemic lockdown restrictions ease and the project creates much needed employment at a difficult time.

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Thanks to the great people over at Tree-Nation we've been able to bring 30 local kids up the Bore Forest Centre for a 2 day educational visit. The children planted trees, learnt about the importance of tropical forests, had a guided forest walk and ate a slap up meal. Many of the youngsters often go without lunch so we made sure that for once they had plenty on their plates! Full story here.



Latest order for 17166 trees just received from Tree-Nation. Thanks very much! This significant support of more than €10,000 is a major helping hand to the community at this difficult time. The trees will be shared out amongst our network of 1400 farmer planting partners. Here, Musa our nursery nightwatchman displays some cashew seedlings to be planted with this funding.

Asanté Sana



Welsh Government funded emergency seed packets getting into the hands of the Boré community.



Bore project receives £6,000 grant to buy maize seed under the Welsh Government's,Wales and Africa Immediate COVID-19 Response Stream

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WhatsApp Image 2020-06-22 at

The first batch of seed being loaded for delivery. Mixed 'Family Packets' of maize and other seed will be distributed to 500 families for immediate planting on their own shambas. We will supply planting tools from our community tool library and in only 10-12 weeks time we expect to be supplying most of the food needs for 5000 people.


Thanks so much to the kind people of Wales for helping the community at this particularly difficult time.

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