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Support the Gunners?  Why not help us give something back?

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We're planting over 30,000 trees like these in Kenya, to make up for some of the resources used and the carbon released in printing the Arsenal Matchday Programme. As they grow, the trees will draw down carbon from the atmosphere, give homes to birds, bees and other animals and in time they'll provide one community of poor African subsistence farmers with a valuable timber cash crop - timber that'll make up for some of the hefty quantity of paper that goes into that programme you read every home game.

These are some of the 60 women workers who'll be employed to pot up and grow the seedlings. They live in the remote community of Boré in Kenya's Coast Province - an area that is increasingly prone to extreme weather events like droughts and floods so need all the help they can get.

And yes, they do actually support the Gunners!


This is where the trees are being planted

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This land would have been heavily forested in the past but years of deforestation and over grazing have left it looking like this today. With your help we can cover it with a dense canopy of trees once again.

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