The Word Forest Organisation is a new charity set up to continue the brilliant work of Magic Oxygen Publishing supporting tree planting and education in Coast Province.

Update 30/04/16 - New MOLP funded class room gets a floor

Its the tradition over there that everyone has a meal together once the floor is in....

Update 07/04/16 - New MOLP funded class room rises up!

Update 25/02/2016 - MOLP has funded another 1,000 new trees!

Simon and Tracey West at the MOLP1 award ceremony
Tracey & Simon West of Magic Oxygen have just announced the shortlisters in their short story and poetry competition. Their pioneering contest is the only one in the world to plant a tree for every entry. The community in Bore have been delighted to recieve instructions to plant 1,000 new trees, which is a tremendous achievement!

It will also move the build of the new schoolroom at Kundeni Primary School along too. Simon and Tracey are proud to partner with us on this project and said recently, ‘We are looking forward to launching another set of short writing contests called Mini-MOLPs and they'll also have a tree planted for each entry, but they will take place throughout the year. This will allow us to donate a steady flow of money to the project at more regular intervals, rather than just once a year. We look forward to seeing the schoolhouse completed as soon as we can make it happen’.
For further details, see

Update 08/07/2015 - The 2nd Magic Oxygen Literary Prize has launched

MOLP2 opened for entries on 1st July 2015 and the guys at Magic Oxygen are very excited about expanding the Word Forest with their new competition. With the addition of a Go Fund Me campaign set up last December, they have managed to increase the size of the Word Forest to 1,500 trees!

It remains the only writing competition in the world to plant a tree for every entry. It also has a £3,000 prize fund.

If you would like to enter a short story or poem please click here.

If you would like a copy of the anthology which features the winning and shortlisted stories and poems from last year's contest, click here - Magic Oxygen are also planting a tree for each copy bought.

Update 13/12/14  - Word Forest to comprise 800 trees!

The world's first Word Forest will soon be planted at Kundeni School in Bore as part of the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize, which is now open and inviting submissions of short stories and poems.

Every single entry will have a tree planted as a part of this unique forest and will also benefit a group of 300 Kenyan children and the local community in many different ways.

  • The Magic Oxygen Word Forest will be located here
  • Each competition entrant will receive the GPS co-ordinates of their tree
  • Each tree will absorb at least 250 Kgs of CO2 from the air and help cool the planet
  • In addition to the creation of the Word Forest, a new school class room will be built
  • The trees will eventually be harvested for timber and sold by the school to fund badly needed repairs and educational resources
If you would like to find out more about this unique competition and stand a chance of winning part of the £3,000 prize fund, please watch the video below and visit Magic Oxygen.

The Magic Oxygen Literary Prize

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Ru Hartwell,
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