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Women planting trees on the project receive a decent wage and in time the harvest of timber provides a further cash benefit to the community which can be used to either buy food or pay for school fees

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The project is located in Boré, Coast Province, Kenya - an area of Africa that is becoming increasingly dry due to climatic changes

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Trees grow all year round in the Tropics, rapidly absorbing carbon from the air and converting it into useful and valuable construction timber

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The species planted are drought resistant Neem like these that can withstand long dry periods and once established, create shade and reduce soil erosion

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After only a few years, a Neem like this can be sold to cover a years' school fees for this little one - and we are planting over 30,000 of them

If you want any more info on the project then click on the 'Carbon Link' logo at the top of the page to access our main website or for anything specific, email us here.

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